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    Speaking out for kids who can't

    I'm actively seeking speaking engagements at Educational Institutions, University and College level workshops, Associations and Conferences, private businesses or parent and social organizations.  Speaking fees are negotiable - please email me at brenda (at) jaredstory (dot) com  for more information.

    A Mom on a Mission speaks out...

    About Bully Police USA and Bullying...

    • Stories That Change Lives - Bullycide in America: Moms speak out about the bullying/suicide connection

    • Cyberbullying/Cyberfraud/Cyberbashing/Cyberstalking......A CyberShame

    • A Culture of Bullying and How to Change Attitudes

    • Survivors, Students and Parents of Abuse/Bullying Speak Out

    • How to Spot and Help a Victim, AND a Bully

    • Helping a Survivor of Bullying to Heal

    About Lawyers and Laws...

    • For Schools: How to Avoid Lawsuits

    • For Parents: When to Get an Attorney

    • Proper Investigation Procedures for Bullying

    • When Does Bullying Become a Crime?

    • About Bully Police USA - Getting Anti Bullying Laws Passed

    • Rules, Laws, Policies and Procedures - Foundations for Safer Schools

    About Bullying, Depression, Suicide and Healing...

    • Bullying > Depression > Suicide = Bullycide - A Warning and a Lesson

    • Depression: There is Hope - Ways to Cope

    • Suicide: It Can Happen to Anyone

    • - Grief and Healing Projects

    About Solutions...

    • The Four Basic Personality Types - The Bully Quadrant

    • For Business: Changing management attitudes on harassment issues

    • For Churches: The Damage of Online Pornography

    • The Bystander - The Key to Solving the Bullying Problem

    • TALK, TELL & YELL - Learning the Heroes and Leadership Methods and Solving the Bullying Problem

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